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Pam's Pets
Belgian Malinois/Shepard Mix

Lua Bella

Lua Bella's mom was living on the streets of Tijuana while pregnant. She was rescued and brought to California where she gave birth to her puppies. Once they were old enough to be adopted, we met this sweet girl and brought her home. She is the most loving girl we've ever had, but she certainly will be the last puppy we ever adopt. I think she destroyed more pillow in her first two years than I've gone through in my entire life.

Dobermann/Pit Bull Mix

Gracie Mae

Gracie Mae was living with her family, but unfortunately they could no longer keep her. At the age of two she found herself in a San Bernadino shelter. When our beloved Suzie Flower passed away, we knew we wanted to bring another dog into our home. We immediately fell in love with her the moment we met her and she's been a wonderful addition to our family since 2000. She is so mellow and just wants to be loved, until it's time for zoomies, and then she's a goofy girl.

Cattle Dog Mix


Baxter is our current foster pup and is such a good boy. He's loves to play with his foster sisters, go for walks, and play fetch. He's being fostered through Giselle's Legacy. Interested in adopting him? Reach out to me for a meet and greet.

Red Ear Slider Turtle


After many camping trips to the Sierra Mountains, I wanted to bring the comfort of water to my backyard. So in 2006, we decided to add a koi pond. After only a few days, we felt it needed a few more occupants. Scooby certainly has made our pond her own and is our longest pond resident. She's now the matriarch. The boys named her because at the time, Scooby Doo was a favorite television show.

Red Ear Slider Turtle


Spring is the time for turtle egg laying. I always dig them up because well, we just don't need anymore Red Ear Sliders in the world. But I missed this little guy one year, so that's where he got his name. Born 2018.

Red Ear Slider Turtle


When a neighbor felt their beloved pet had outgrown her aquarium, they reached out to me to see if I had room in our pond for one more. How could I say no to this pretty girl. She's been with us since 2019.

Red Ear Slider Turtle


Q was another turtle that had outgrown her aquarium and came to live with us. Did you know that a full grown Red Ear Slider needs a 70+ gallon aquarium but a pond is ideal? Joined our family in 2022.

Red Ear Slider Turtle


Hazel was found in a bucket in a local Home Depot parking lot by a good samaritan who reached out to ask if I'd take her. We named her Hazel because her shell was so light at the time we brought her home. Joined our family 2022.

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