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  • Pamela Punzalan

6 Products that Automate Your Cleaning

Your free time is precious, so it can be frustrating when you spend hours cleaning only to realize you’ve missed a spot or two. Like most people, you may find it hard to muster the strength and energy to complete this necessary but mundane task.

Thanks to technological innovations, there are hands-free, automated solutions that can clean for you. If you use the must-have cleaning tools listed below, you can dedicate more time to what you enjoy and less time to chores.

Robotic vacuum

Robot vacuums are by far the most popular automatic cleaning tool. Not only does this robot run on a cleaning schedule, but it can clean in hard-to-reach places—and some robot vacuums even empty themselves after each cycle. The sensors on robot vacuums prevent them from running over objects on the floor or falling down flights of stairs. Most robot vacuums even provide an app where you can set a schedule, tell your robot to clean or go back to its dock, and get updates on any required maintenance.

Robotic mop

Like a robot vacuum, a robot mop has similar perks. However, instead of bristles, it uses spinning circular mopheads. It sprays the cleaning solution on your tile, laminate, or hardwood flooring before scrubbing away virtually any household mess. This tool is especially useful for kitchens and bathrooms where spills frequently occur and residue can build up. You’ll never reach for a dirty mop and bucket again.

Shine smart toilet cleaner

Dirty toilets are not only unpleasant to look at but also health hazards because they can be breeding grounds for harmful bacteria. However, not many people enjoy bending down and getting up close and personal with their toilet bowl to scrub it. Shine is a chemical-free and scrub-free option that uses artificial intelligence and water sensors to automate your toilet cleaning and maintenance.

The small smart hub sits on or near your toilet and knows when the toilet needs cleaning, spraying electrolyzed water through its tubing into the bowl, which eliminates odor and bacteria with the same power as a bleach solution. The smart bathroom assistant, Sam, will update you via an app to recommend repairs for your toilet. From there, Sam can order and ship the exact tools and parts you need to repair your toilet. Once you complete the easy installation of the system and add a cleaning pod to the Shine hub, you will never have to touch your toilet brush ever again. As of 2021, Shine is accepting pre-orders, so be sure to reserve yours!

Robotic window cleaner

Cleaning large windows, or many of them, takes a lot of time. Enter the robotic window cleaner. These cleaners can cling to the surface of your window and spray and wipe the glass. Most machines come enabled with Bluetooth, so you can set a cleaning pattern or manually control your machine remotely if you find that it misses a spot. You won’t ever have to struggle to reach high window spots again, either.

Air purifier

Air quality is essential to your well-being while you’re home, but it’s often an afterthought as you can’t feel or see it until you feel stuffy and sick. Common household allergens, bacteria, and chemicals can all affect your well-being. Invest in a home air purifier that can consistently regulate and freshen the air you breathe indoors, instead of opening windows to purify the air and as a result letting our heat or air conditioning. Be sure to change the filter according to the product instructions, and place the air purifier in a central location in your home for maximum benefit.

Hands-free carpet cleaner

Take the stress out of spills and pet mess by getting a hands-free carpet cleaner. These carpet cleaners can spray, scrub and dry messes for you. This device is a must-have for people with pets and children—just be sure to use the appropriate cleaning solution for your carpet.

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